I love sharing my stories that help others get the focus they need to succeed in the uncertain landscape of startups and entrepreneurship. Below you can find three different presentations to choose from.

Big Fish Hungry Belly

A very common story of start-ups and SME’s is to have experienced first hand that landing a big client does not necessary mean to have passed the hill into walhalla land. Not all of these companies have the luxury of surviving to tell their tale. In my case, I barely survived the deal I closed which was supposed to skyrocket my company. This story is about the many biases that come into play when you are working on closing the deal with a Big Fish. This is a personal and gripping story how a big fish can leave you with a hungry belly, not much different then the tale of “the old man and the sea.”

Confessions of an Entrepreneur

In the past 10 years I have made all the mistakes possible you can make when you venture on a new business without the necessary experience and you have to compensate with drive and passion. In this one hour session I share 10 mistakes you should try to avoid. They can be confrontational and even contradictory but they will nevertheless stay with you. Entrepreneurship is hard and there is no need to make all the mistakes yourself, it’s better to reserve your resources to make your own original mistakes and know how to deal with them efficiently.

Future of the Real World

The smartphone has become the extension of our body, a sixth sense we utilize to perceive the world around us. The question how this desire to utilize technology as a tool, a mediator and translatator of the real world has been the core of my current company. Constantly having been thinking about this, reading upon this I have come to formulate the vision for my company but also more broadly speaking the vision with regards to how we will engage with the real world in the future. This one hour presentation makes some projections on what technology will do to offline marketing and communication.