Something personal

I am best described as a can of contradictions. One one hand stoic, stable and unmoved but at the same time compassionate and emotional (though less visible on the surface). My friends and colleagues would describe me as easy going with others but extremely demanding of myself. Detail oriented, determined and sometimes obsessive with completing a certain project. Next to the driven work persona, in private I would be described as a good listener, at times stubborn, having dry humor, being philosophical, humble and a man of principals. Don’t despair, despite this somewhat clinical and bleak description I am not a total bore to be around. I like to bring a healthy dose of mockage in interacting with people to make the situations light and put things into perspective. In summary you could call me a stoic joker.

Things most people know about me

  • I love doing sports. I have always loved doing sports and in the mean time I have had a go at the following sports: soccer, basketball, tennis, karate, boxing, cross fit, judo and fitness. Currently I work out 5 times a week at a local  gym. I consider it more a mental work-out then a physical one.
  • I drive a motorcycle. April 2009 I received my motorcycle driving license. Three months later I decided to improvise a one month solo road-trip to Rome with almost no experience. Unfortunately I do not take these long trips any more but I still enjoy riding my naked bike on short trips.
  • I like reading books. In high school and the first couple of years of the faculty I was not a fan of reading books. Only when I started reading philosophy and architectural theory I started to appreciate the thought labyrinth others had passed to share insights in written word. Currently I mostly read books on entrepreneurship and I have started an online book club called Teeb.La. Visit TEEBLA, Visit my GoodReads page.


Things most people don’t know about me

  • I am a movie buff. I like watching old movies and I am a big fan of the behemoth directors such as Akiro Kursawa, Andrey Tarkowsky and Ingmar Bergman. Check out my Pinterest account to see some of my favorite movies. PINTEREST>>
  • I am a good cook. Living on my own as a student I quickly found out I enjoyed to combine left-over ingredients into a tasty dish. I thought that everybody possessed these skills until I saw my fellow students burn hot dogs on a pan! I am not 3 star cook but I can make some damn tasty paella, risotto or curry.
  • I have a very eclectic music taste. I consume a wide variety of music genres; from heavy metal to classical music and almost everything in between. I have visited concerts from Rammstein and Korn, while at the same time visited Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake performed by the Russian National Ballet. I am huge fan of psychedelic Rock and in particular of Pink Floyd, which I also had the pleasure to see the concert of (The Wall by Roger Waters).